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Dr. Mapes is passionate about delivering research-based communication consulting services to help her clients communicate with authenticity; move audiences to action, create social impact and develop programs that maximize impact for their vision. She’s consulted and accelerated the success of entrepreneurs, CEOs, small business owners and multinational organizations.

Unleash Your Impact & Confidence with the Power of Professional Pocket Stories
Meet Dr. Meggie Mapes

Dr. Meggie Mapes is a renowned author, public speaking expert, and professor of communication at the University of Kansas, with a passion for creating major strategic communications wins, she is poised to empower individuals and organizations alike, propelling them towards a more diverse and inclusive culture.

As the Introductory Course Director, she leads and oversees all public speaking and professional public speaking classes at KU, serving over 2,500 students a year and has authored an award-winning public speaking textbook. Through Meggie Mapes, LLC, she has consulted and assisted individual entrepreneurs, small business owners, and multi-national organizations.

Her research explores cultural narratives and interrogates how gender and racial bias emerge in diverse contexts. Dr. Mapes is actively researching inside prisons to strategize educational interventions that aim to reduce violence.

Meggie, an Iowa native, now resides in Kansas City with her husband, Mike, and their two dogs: Buckley, a sharpei, and Bingo, a rottweiler. In her free time, she competes in body building competitions, reads fiction, and enjoys travel.

Unleash Your Impact & Confidence with the Power of Professional Pocket Stories
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Delve into Dr. Meggie Mapes' compelling publications, where she explores cultural narratives, examines gender and racial bias in diverse contexts, and unveils her groundbreaking research on educational interventions within prisons to combat violence.
Elevate your leadership and communication skills some of the valuable insights and experiences curated by Dr. Mapes.
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A captivating keynote speaker, Dr. Meggie Mapes is a leading authority in communication and diversity. With her transformative insights and passion for strategic success, she empowers audiences to embrace diversity, harness the power of effective communication, and create major wins in their personal and professional endeavors.
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